Tuesday, June 30, 2020


The Coup

If you haven’t noticed by now. There is an attempted coup d'etat taking place. While it previously appeared to be against the current president, the underlying motivations and game plan is now obvious. It is not just a hyper-partisan attack on Donald Trump by bitter and disgruntled losers of the last election. It is now a concerted effort on the part of all segments of left wing authoritarianism. Along with America’s fully subverted Democrat party are a host of splinter groups dedicated to anarchy (initially) and full-blown gulag communism. Tacit support, approval, and assistance now comes from the most powerful organs in society - Tech and media platforms, education, entertainment, journalism, and even within the government’s own intelligence agencies. The ruse that these institutions merely wish to take on proposals and actions by the Trump administration is now obvious to anyone paying attention. Donald Trump could be long gone and the chain of events would be the same. The left has bigger fish to fry.

To quote Michael Flynn recently: “I was once told if we’re not careful, 2 percent of the passionate will control 98 percent of the indifferent 100 percent of the time.”

In addition to the mob’s demand that all thought and expression from one half of the political spectrum be eliminated, the rabble now makes clear what they want destroyed — America. What were once phony pleas for reform now come at us with the blatant honesty of violent radicalism. These people want an elimination of the American constitution and free society. They are communists. They are opposed to freedom of speech, freedom to worship as one chooses, freedom of self-defense, and the freedom to choose to live in a safe and prosperous society. America is quickly becoming a country where centers of power are allied with the dregs of society on the same mission of wanton destruction. While some of these thugs will suggest a replacement world overbrimming with “justice and equality,” most no longer really care what happens after the “revolution.” They only know that they wish to destroy civilization as we know it. After that, who cares what happens.

...It’s not about “race.” It’s not about Donald Trump, It’s not about police brutality. It’s definitely not about justice. (Justice is when a person destroys public property, harms those they disagree with...and they are summarily thrown in jail).

I don’t recall who said it, but one wise observer once noted that, “the middle class is the only class that rebels against itself.”

This coup just might be pulled off. Not because America’s citizens want to live in a communist dictatorship, but because the weak-willed and pathetic idiots that used to be called “liberals” have gladly turned their backs on honor and decency. All to simply avoid another tax cut or legal vetting of migrants coming into the country. They will now gladly offer totalitarians the rope that they will hang us all with.

The horror of suicide is never more tragic than when they take everyone else with them.


On the Philosophical Basis of Astrology

A brief introductory attempt to explain astrology.

Monday, June 29, 2020


Compulsion and Intolerance

“Tolerance, justice, and freedom!” The left would have us believe that these are what they’re about. Tucker Carlson continually, and insightfully, reminds us that “what they accuse you of doing is exactly what they themselves are doing. Thus we hear the constant barrage of unwarranted monikers; “racist!” “misogynist,” “homophobe,” etc.

If one were to accurately narrow down what it is that the left stands for (both now and in previous episodes of power-seeking), it would come down to compulsion and intolerance.

This is not to say that the other half of the political spectrum has not also gone through periods where they had sought to eliminate opposition or impose their will through force. But,...today it is beyond clear who it is that seeks to criminalize all manner of speech. Who seeks to banish alternate viewpoints from the public square. Who seek perpetually increasing rules and over daily life.

While conservatives today resist the Jacobin onslaught, they seek primarily to maintain our constitutional republic as it has been for at least a couple of centuries. That is, a society ruled by laws, checks and balances, and diffused power centers that can never impose themselves roughshod over self-governing individuals.

I find it almost comical to daily read the cliche' comments on opinion threads that perpetually cough up nonsense about the current administration being “authoritarian, fascist, or — of course — Hitler.” The fact that such claims are baseless is beyond obvious when the most they can come up with in their tirades is that Trump calls establishment media “fake news” and he seeks to enforce the strict standards that have been passed into law regarding who comes into the country and draws upon its resources.

The arguments have become so bizarre that we are now told that it’s “fascism” for there to be someone on the other end of a 911 call - that is, of course, unless one finds social workers potent guardians of public safety.

In congress, when Republicans regularly seek to offer debatable proposals, the left not only blocks the legislation but refuses to allow it to be debated. This should be no surprise from a mentality that never accepts debate or reasoned discourse.

Tragically, many common citizens haven’t considered how this way of thinking will operate when it has been voted into widespread positions of power.

If — likely when — the left gains power that is difficult to challenge, job one on their list will be to consolidate authority through voter fraud or other gimmicks to establish themselves as guardians of a one-party state. Opposition will not be permitted.

Given the guile and dogmatic opportunism of high tech, social media platforms, entertainment, and journalism, not only will half of the political spectrum be marginalized, it will be crushed....and punished. This has already become the order of the day. One can’t even watch a commercial for common products without being spoon fed a poisoned dose of academic cultural Marxism. You want to shave? How about your “toxic masculinity?” You want a morning coffee...”lets talk about race.” You want your child educated regarding the history of the country you live in...”racism, slavery, oppression, imperialism.” Forget that stuff about going to the moon, ending slavery, or creating a diverse and prosperous open society.

None of this is happening because the left has stated its case and gained support through open debate in a public forum. The left has gained ascendency because its world view and methods are born of the will to control all aspects of human life.

Bumper sticker slogans like, “Black Lives Matter,” “...a woman’s right to choose,” or “resist fascism now!” are irrelevant when mere compulsion and intolerance is the order of the day.

You are on the precipice of a world where your income, livelihood, even safety, is at risk for the “crime” of holding a different view than socialists, anarchists, and communists.

First, disruption, subversion, and infiltration, then....the hammer comes down,...and terror “will be the order of the day.”

Friday, June 26, 2020


Abolish the Fake News

‘Doesn’t get any better than this.



The journey through crazy world:




“They’ll sell us the rope we hang them with.” — Lenin (not John).

Monday, June 22, 2020


When Conspiratorial Becomes Insightful

This video link appears somewhat cheesy due to its dated style and language (I don’t believe the word “negro” at the time had any negative connotations).

The video was the kind of stuff laughed off as extreme and conspiratorial at the time but now it sounds fairly insightful. No, it sounds very insightful.

Friday, June 19, 2020


The Race to Hell

I’m not sure what the “race” stats are for homicide each year by cops or common citizens. Out of a nation of 350 million, it’s likely a very small number regardless of which “race” is involved.

With that in mind, imagine if, every time a black person murders a white person it becomes a major news event marked by non-stop coverage and outrage. Imagine people marching in the streets and less-sincere protestors destroying property and making demands.

This circumstance is not likely to happen — obviously.

I don’t conjure this hypothetical as an excuse for justifying white on black crime or to minimize genuine cases of racism or the legacy of injustice that has occurred toward marginalized groups in the U.S. (or every country for that matter).

I note this because society is being turned upside down and unwarranted animosity is being stoked by players that have little genuine concern for aggrieved parties or honest appraisal.

The news media and its favored groups in leftist faux-rebellion have deliberately skewed attention from reality for their own personal ideological objectives.

Virtually anyone who has seen the video of George Floyd’s treatment at the hands of a rogue cop can call it for what it is — murder. Which is why the cop is currently being held to be tried for....murder.

Likewise, people can view the less conclusive video footage of Rayshard Brooks’s attempted arrest (a video that some outlets have selectively edited). There have certainly been more than a few photos of the deceased, shown smiling with his children (why not mug shots of previous arrests?).

Today, there are numerous groups whose only end goal is the destruction of the United States. If they can burn down some small businesses on their path to a complete takedown of American civilization, all the more fun for them.

There are forces in America today that, in spite of their talking points about race and slavery, would gladly enslave all citizens equally. Those who hope to become new “masters” of our time are motivated by envy, rage, and a desire to dominate and control — in revolutionary turmoil, the pathological elements always float to the surface. It’s no coincidence that so many in Antifa and the public outrage brigade are...white. These catalysts to destruction are an archetypal force. They used to use “class” as their excuse for seizing power. Now it so happens that “race” has become a convenient excuse.

Regardless if where media’s cameras choose to focus...It’s not about race.


Common sense and honest appraisal always beats phony and contrived “outrage.”

Monday, June 15, 2020


Psych 101

In a time of chaos...the “Law and Order” candidate will always win.

Sunday, June 14, 2020


Brilliant response to the neo-Marxist rabble and their phony “revolutionary” talking points.


Fuck Gillette

Friday, June 12, 2020


All Stats Matter

Ya gotta love it.


The “Revolution” that isn’t “Revolutionary” at All

Societal collapse isn’t racism. It’s an equal opportunity destruction of everyone’s life.

Any race can be stupid enough to support such a thing. Any fool can turn back the clock to monarchy and grovel at the feet of kings brought to power on lies of victimhood.

Ideologues and philosopher kings have never brought humanity anything beyond decline, destitution, and suffering.

Thursday, June 11, 2020



Wednesday, June 10, 2020



Monday, June 08, 2020


A deserving cause in a time of injustice, chaos, mayhem, and heaping piles of bogus bullshit.

Sunday, June 07, 2020


The Stats below — from the FBI — were removed from Instagram as “hate speech.” Next, (no doubt) forecasts of rain in predominantly minority areas will also be billed as “hate speech.” ...What idiots.


“Racist” Stats

(Edited after initial posting).

I got these stats in a screen shot from a video by Stefan Molyneux. First off, I checked out the Wikipedia page for Molyneux. I wasn’t surprised to find typical Wiki BS. A litany of accusations are made, labeling him — of course — a “RACIST!” The sources for the claims — also, of course — the usual left wing establishment institutions and partisan media outlets. One’s opinion of Molyneux and his ideas are for another debate.

The stats regarding racial breakdowns of murder in the US come from legitimate sources — not partisan proselytizers.

The facts regarding murders in the U.S.:

People can debate all sorts of positions as to why these numbers manifest the way they do but it doesn’t change the end result — dead people. This is the nonsense people are conjuring as a “systemic” epidemic of “racism” in the U.S. Not to say that every one of them isn’t a tragedy or that the recent example of murderous police brutality wasn’t something worthy of arrest for murder (which is indeed what has happened). But...the “systemic racism” chant is grossly inaccurate. The narrative they’re looking for, of course, has little to do with “racism” real or imagined. This is just another phony nail being hammered into the coffin of free society. As I’ve stated a thousand times before, “They want their socialist revolution, and they want it now.” “Obey!” so they can erect a powerful government to compel....obedience.

...BTW, I’m still not hearing a lot of media coverage of David Dorn’s death (a retired black policeman) or the many minority-owned businesses destroyed...for the revolution.

Agitators are again (along with legitimate protestors) currently massing thousands on the Whitehouse. In future confrontations, there is no way the mob can be held back if the White House’s grounds are breached without eventually meeting lethal responses. At that time, the compliant leftist media will twist the facts, as they always do and Trump will be accused of racist murder. Remember, this is all because Trump lowers taxes, deregulates punitive bureau-decrees, and doesn’t follow the dictates of globalist intellectuals. All the other nonsense, “racist! fascist! homophobe” are groundless bumper-sticker slogans to justify a return to establishment authority.

Meanwhile, China patiently sits in wait for the time they can put the planet under the boot of a communist dystopia.

“The best lack all conviction. The worst are [assholes].”

Tuesday, June 02, 2020


Chapter One...

Fort Sumpter.

As dramatic as things have played out during this last week, this is just the beginning.

How to avenge the death of a black man at the hands of a white policeman?

...Have white communist / “anarchists” destroy black neighborhoods and stores.

The entire leftist industrial complex is now actively in sympathy with the country’s destruction. Obama comes out of his extended vacation on billionaires’ yachts to resurrect his community organizer days with calls to use the chaos to enact “change” (“hope,and change” now occurs in smoldering inner city stores and streets) - ‘just another turn on the “never let a crisis go to waste” theme made popular by America’s stealth commie-lite party (“lite” for now).

Someone is (many are) not paying attention. What exactly do you think China is doing now? Russia? Iran?

We are all headed for a very scary world. This current eruption will simmer and fade and Trump will now likely win by a landslide (few voters are impressed by chaos).

The next Jacobin insurgent event will be uglier and their vision will be fortified by the weak-willed gutless values of America’s entrenched left wing establishment. Envision the capitol and white House in flames. Mass-machine gun slaughters, and every leftist psychopath vying for control of the former outpost of constitutional order.

Few people, including many among the current rabble, will actually like living under a communist “revolutionary” council. They’ll definitely miss their capitalist inspired toys...and easily accessed food. A few generations from now, when the history books are rewritten, children will read of the terrible days of America’s past and how the great revolutionaries put an end to all that nonsense about freedom and prosperity.

They will learn to love Big Brother, and turn in the neighbors who aren’t fully on board.

The last Dark Age of Western civilization lasted a thousand years.

Hide your photos of fun times at corner bars and Disneyland. Such “fascist” contraband could get you arrested in the utopia being laid out by some as we speak.

...That’s one scenario. I hope I’m wrong.

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